For many years now, techniques using heat application deep into the skin have been used in order to produce contraction (shrinking) of the connective tissue with the purpose to achieve a skin tightening effect. One of the most proven methods is the application of short radio frequency waves for targeted, focused heating of the deep dermis.


These monopolar radiofrequency waves radiated into the deeper skin layers, result primarily in a tightening effect, which is achieved by heating the collagen fibers; as secondary, a formation of new collagen is boosted by stimulating connective tissue cells (fibroblasts), thus improving the skin’s quality as a result. Both effects occur after repeated application of the heat, and have a long term effect. This is also known as Thermalifting a significant tightening effect of the skin by applying heat, i.e. facial contours are refined, skin tension improved throughout the face, and the appearance of so called “hamster cheeks” and protrusions in the chin area can be reduced. In the area of the eyes, a tightening of the eyelids and a reduction of crow’s feet can be achieved.

Ultimately, it can also be used to treat the area of neck and chest as well as the lower abdomen, inner thighs and upper arm. In order to achieve a profound and longlasting effect, the treatment should be carried out in 58 sessions (depending on the skin). Prior to treatment, the treated area is cleaned and in some instances treated with an anesthetic cream, so that no unnecessary extreme pain occurs for the patient. The therapy is conducted with a special hand held device by RF Thermotherapy, and the procedure takes 2060 minutes to complete. There is no significant discomfort associated with the treatment. In particular, the external appearance is not changed. There might be a discrete redness and minimal swelling of the treated region, but one can easily pursue his/her normal daily routine the next day. The sessions are carried out after 12 days from the previous one, whereas the longterm success of the connective tissue stimulation can be seen after 23 weeks.

The RF Thermotherapie is one of many methods in the range of diverse antiaging treatments. Often it makes sense to combine different methods (Botox, Filler, Thermage, peeling), to create a tailormade package that meets ones needs based on the anatomical and biological specifications of the skin of the patient.