Cosmetic eye surgery

The eyes are the morror of the soul. They are the first contact we seek when meeting with someone, talking, observing…. It is also our richest sesonry organ that carries trhe most flood of data into our brains for further processing.

An open bright gaze is always friendly, open-minded, bright and dynamic. Eyes that have hanging eye lids or bags under them look tired, depressed, sullen and old

Since eyes are soo important for communication of any kind, personal reflection and expressions, this area of the face has a special significance in aesthetic surgery.

Just as the entire skin on our bodies are subject to the aging process, so are our eyes. The skin around the eye area is very thin comparing to the rest of the face, and therefore the connective tissue fibers are much quicker effected by the various aging causes.

Often, fatty tissue collects in the area of the upper eye lids (or Fatpads) and under the eyes (or Eye bags). Both men and women are subject to this fat tissues accumulation, resulting in heavy, swollen and tired looking eyes. More and more men are going under the knife in order to have a more rejuvenated look.

For an upper eyelid lift surgery, an incision in the natural eye fold is made, so that once the excess skin is removed so that no visible scar remains. This allows the surgeon to precisely plan the raising of the eyelid, including changing the lid shape when requested.

For the lower eyelid surgery, there are usually incisions made along the edge of the lower lashes, where some skin can be removed, but from where more often fat must be removed, in order to achieve the youthful expression once one had.

Duration of surgery: 1 hour – outpatient
Anesthesia: Sedation or general anasthesia
Time needed to return to work: after 3-6 days
Price: depending on complexity