Breast Lift

A breast lift reshapes the sagging breasts by moving them upwards. For this purpose, excess skin must be removed in the chest base and a new shape must be modeled with the rest of the glandular tissue. Often the areola is also reduced, in order for it to aesthetically fit the new breast shape. In principle, the lifting of the breast includes:

  • An implant is placed in the breast area in order to give the breast a significant uplift by introducing additional volume under the existing tissue.
  • An exclusive resection of the skin is performed, as well as moving the existing mammary glands. This is done in cases where there is still sufficient glandular tissue present, which has only dropped due to gravity.
  • A combination of both methods, where the excess skin is breing removed and implants have the role to bring more volume to the area.


The type of procedure chosen is based on the existing glandular tissue, the strength of breast tissue (i.e. hanging breasts), and other factors. Naturally, each patient has her own ideas on how she would like her new breasts to look like, including the existing conditions and the elasticity of her skin – and are all elements that must be discussed and considered with the doctor before performing surgery. A personal and detailed consultation should be done where the optimal path for the new streamlined aesthetically looking breasts will be determined. The codes of conduct are the smae as for breast augmentation.

Duration of surgery: 1-3 hours (depending on the technique)
Anasthesia: General
Hospital stay: 1 day
Time needed to return to daily routine: after 3-8 days
Price: depending on complexity (depending on the procedure)