For many people, well formed breasts in a woman are a symbol of femininity, youthfulness and sexines. However, many women are not happy with their form, either by genetics, due to pregnancy and breast feeding, or simply through the aging process or by changing the weight, which weakens the connective breast tissue.

Are your breasts zu  klein >> , zu groß >>, zu schlaff >>; do they match your bosy shape? Only you can asses yourself the answers to these questions, because there is no “standard and well tunes“ answer.
If you find that your breasts do not „fit“ you, through >> modernen ästhetischen Chirurgie :in most cases solutions can be found: Afterall, it is the right of every woman to feel comfortable with her own body.

Beofre any breast surgery, a mammography or ultrasouns examination should be done by a gynechologist, in order to have a cleared pathological finding.